This is my story of a very difficult and painful period in my life. A time when I was struggling to make any sense of where I fitted in the world. I enlisted the help of a few skillful people around me, and I shall be eternally grateful for their patience and tolerance.

The reader should be aware that my writing is very frank and honest. There are one or two expletives and, in places, descriptions of imagined violence used as a tool in the counseling process. I would also ask that you bear in mind when it was written, and in that sense it is very much of its day.

Needless to say, that over thirty years on, I am in a very different and better place now.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hello – I’ve read all available eight chapters – This is a very frank, honest, emotive and intelligently written memoir. You were not to know when you introduced me to your work but you have unlocked a drawer of my own and pulled out and laid bare so much of my own ‘dirty laundry’ …..that I did found it difficult at times to read. I’ve had tears …….but the best thing is ….YOU SURVIVED … did I – I can relate to so much of your pain including the murderous thoughts ….. the despair, the difficulty in functioning in life and dragging yourself into work …..I’ve been there ….To some degree I’m still struggling with my own ‘sanity’ (for want of a better word) – the low self esteem, anxiety and the deep depression ……. I tried traditional therapy…repeatedly with no success – I have found that tools from the Positive Psychology school of thinking to actually be the most beneficial of practices ……

    I can tell you whole heartedly though, that since I recently started writing and sharing what has helped me …..I have received such warm and loving encouragement and kindness from the WordPress Blogging Community – reaching out to others and discovering that the world is actually a kind and beautiful place to be has lifted me to new levels that I never knew possible …… I am healing and this space here is accelerating that process.

    I would love to be able to reach back and hold that young boy who needed that love and support and I sincerely wish for your happiness and future success – thank you for sharing your story and showing your vulnerability. You are certainly no less a man and are mostly definitely deserving of happiness and healing.
    With Deep Respect, Shell


    1. Wow….such enormous relief on my part. Thank you for being so kind. I picked up from your blog that you had been through the mill (to put it mildly I’m sure) yourself. So I was a little concerned for you. Sometimes these things can be, ‘triggering’ of depression for some people, and that isn’t my intention at all.

      You did well to go through the whole lot in one sitting. I wish you well on your own journey :0)

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  2. No worries; please be assured I’m perfectly fine, I seem to be doing better than ever these days. Your story made me feel more for you and the child you were than for myself…….which is testament to having gotten over many things. Keep writing whatever comes to you – you’ve done a great job so far. 🙂

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